Tip from Tennis Director Lawrence Sagel: Racquet Care

Delaire Country Club

  1. Restring Regularly:  Stale strings limit the performance of your racquet. As a general rule, you should restring your racquet as many times in a year as you play in a week (if you play twice a week you should restring twice a year). The most common misconception is that you wait for the strings to break before replacing them.
  2. Replace your… grip:  An old, worn or slippery grip makes your grasp less secure and your shots less powerful and accurate. A poor grip also forces you to squeeze harder on the racquet’s handle, which will fatigue your forearm muscles.
  3. Keep your racquet in a cover:  A racquet cover protects your strings and grip from moisture, humidity and the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

* Remember to restring and regrip so that your racquet is ready for the season. *

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10 Things Tennis Taught Me About Life

Thought Catalog

1. When you start anything in life, when you first enter the court, people may or may not cheer for you.

Do your best anyway, don’t let what others think of you or their lack of support bring you down. It’s always nice to have people by your side. But sometimes, people will root for other people’s work, their ideas, you just gotta get over it and play your A game anyway.

2. Sometimes, life will be unfair.

You just have to suck it up, move on and not let it impact your performance. Sometimes, the chair umpires in your life will make the wrong call, and you will know it is wrong, but you won’t be able to change it. But there is something you will be able to do: you will be able to make a choice, sulk and ruin your game or accept it and not let…

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How to Train: Good Hydration Part II

Decathlon UK

In yesterday’s blog, we featured some general hydration tips to help ensure good hydration before, during and after exercise. Today we take a look at the range of drinks on the market and investigate which you should be taking and why.


Such has been the marketing success of sports drinks that it can be easy to be drawn in to thinking that water is somehow an inferior product. Sports drinks certainly have their place (more of which shortly) but water is brilliant for hydration purposes. For sessions of less than an hour, it’s not really necessary to drink anything other than water to maintain good hydration levels. Plus unlike other drinks you can happily pour it over yourself to cool down – though make sure that you never leave yourself short of water to drink by doing this.

Unfortunately there are some limitations to the power of water…

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How to Train: Good Hydration Part I

Decathlon UK

What are the keys to good hydration? It’s something that is crucial to get right from both a health perspective and for optimum performance too. In tomorrow’s blog, we will discuss the various different drinks on the market, but today we will start with the overall principles of good hydration.

Urine Colour Guide

The first place to start is to understand how to assess how well hydrated you are. You can be moderately dehydrated without feeling especially thirsty or fatigued, but from a performance perspective this level of dehydration can still be significant when starting your session. Thankfully there is a simple (albeit not overly pleasant) way to check how well hydrated you are – check the colour of your urine.

The colour guide can be found online and is also often found in gyms too, but essentially the lighter the colour of your urine, the better your level of hydration…

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Serena Williams

Off the Grind...

You look this way…You look that way. Set…match…

The game of tennis has become incredibly visible within the last 10 years. One of the greatest tennis players of all time, Serena Williams has achieved a career in both singles and doubles, alongside her sister Venus. She has a record of 31 Grand Slam titles and holds the record for 4 Grand Slam titles in 2002-2003. Williams reign at the French Open, US Open, WTA Tour Champion, and Olympic ladies single champion. What an incredible presence in the tennis world!

Among all of this, Serena still has time to give back. The Serena Williams Foundation was established to assist youth and their families who have been affected by violent crimes and to assist underprivileged youth by helping them achieve the highest level and quality of education they can receive. Giving the youth a chance to live and grow in an environment…

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From First Base to the Baseline, Perekupka Finds His Game

USTA Middle States Blog

Since his childhood, baseball always seemed to make sense to Mike Perekupka. He played in high school, then on a club team at the University of Maryland. After graduating, he planned to coach or find another way to stay involved with the sport.

Then he rediscovered tennis.

perekupka tennis“I had played tennis in the past just for fun, but always focused on playing baseball competitively – that was my sport,” Perekupka said. “After college, I started working as a teacher at Cinnaminson High School (N.J.), and was looking for a coaching job. The boys’ tennis coaching position opened up, so I thought about it and gave it a shot.”

Just like that, Perekupka, also a math and statistics teacher at Cinnaminson, was hooked.

Perekupka didn’t know much about the mechanics behind a swing or the proper footwork to hit a forehand, but since his first day as a coach in 2009…

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